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Xhodon - your fantasy strategy game Be enchanted by the magical world Xhodon and play together with thousands of other players. Become a feared warlord, or seek your fortune in trade and diplomacy. Collect powerful items, develop your magical abilities and create legendary heroes. Do you choose the dark or light side of magic? You determine your own destiny! * Unique Summon System. Determine yourself the building is finished! * Beginners innovative protection (secure building) * League system: Anyone can get ranked 1st * Items 2400 to collect and share! * Simple quest system (ideal for beginners). * Attacking and defending together. * Fights against other players or even Creeps. * Individual Awards The magician cried out in an angry voice invocations to heaven. He now dedicated is soul to the old magic. He swore to send vast hordes of war with powerful heroes across the country in order to acquire the magic knowledge. He swore to become the most powerful magician of all of Xhodon.

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