• Lord of Ultima

    Lord of Ultima

    Genre: Strategie

    Lord of Ultima is a strategy browsergame. You start with a single Town. During the tutorial you learn all the principles. You have various quests to get little rewards. Even every day you get a random reward for your level. I build a few additional buildings and started to recruit a few soldiers. After that i went on a treasure hunt. After one hour i got a success report (time depends on distance on map) and a few ressources after...

  • EverQuest 2 Vollversion & Add

    EverQuest 2 Vollversion & Add

    Genre: Rollenspiel

      In Everquest 2 you play on the planet Norrath. The moon Luclin exploded. Debris from it can be found all over the planet's surface.   You can chooce between several classes and races for your character. Depending on your characters attitude you start either in New Halas or Kelethin on the good side or in Neriak or Gorowyn on the bad side. Alone in the start areas are enough quests to reach level 20. Of course, there are many...

  • Xhodon


    Genre: Strategie

    Xhodon - your fantasy strategy game Be enchanted by the magical world Xhodon and play together with thousands of other players. Become a feared warlord, or seek your fortune in trade and diplomacy. Collect powerful items, develop your magical abilities and create legendary heroes. Do you choose the dark or light side of magic? You determine your own destiny! * Unique Summon System. Determine yourself the building is finished! * Beginners innovative protection (secure building) * League system: Anyone can...

  • Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

    Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

    Genre: Rollenspiel

    Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is an MMORPG based on the world of famed fantasy author Robert E. Howard. Here you can live, fight and explore the savage, sexy and brutal world of Conan - the greatest fantasy hero of all time.

  • Pocket Legends

    Pocket Legends

    Genre: Rollenspiel

    Pocket Legend is a online roleplay game for the iphone. Just choose out of three different classes and join the battle in different dungeons.

  • Bitefight


    Genre: Rollenspiel

  • MilMo


    Genre: Action

    MilMo is the first 3D browser MMO that can be directly played via Facebook. It is an action jump and run game playing on island.

  • 4Story


    Genre: Rollenspiel

      You play on Iberia in one of the two kingdoms Valorian or Derion. Both kingdoms want to rule Iberia.   The game has a PvP system there you can conquer castles and an individuall crafting system. There are many exciting quests and you can solve them alone or in cooperation with other players.