• My Fantastic Park

    My Fantastic Park

    Genre: Simulation

    In "My Fantastic Park" you control your own amousement park. Build attractions and get more and more customers and build the best park in the world. Are you ready for it?

  • Wurzelimperium


    Genre: Simulation

    The world of Molehill Empire revolves around just one thing: The microcosm garden. Given the tasks of an industrious garden gnome, the game enables you to create your very own private Garden of Eden. Thanks to the beautifully rendered 3D graphics, you may even watch your flowers grow. Lettuce, carrots, strawberries, roses or onions – you decide which plants you want to grow, based solely on your own likings, your level, your cash and of course, market demands, for even...

  • Ars Regendi

    Ars Regendi

    Genre: Simulation

    Ars Regendi is a massive multiplayer browser-based game that simulates states in a very realistic way. The virtual regents can watch all consequences of their political and economical decisions in numbers and diagrams, which are generated in a very complex formula system. Also, Ars Regendi became a meeting point for politically interested gamers of all nations who discuss at a very high level about alternative political, social and economical concepts. In addition, Ars Regendi will be extended to a complete...