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The world of Molehill Empire revolves around just one thing: The microcosm garden. Given the tasks of an industrious garden gnome, the game enables you to create your very own private Garden of Eden. Thanks to the beautifully rendered 3D graphics, you may even watch your flowers grow. Lettuce, carrots, strawberries, roses or onions – you decide which plants you want to grow, based solely on your own likings, your level, your cash and of course, market demands, for even the life of a garden gnome is not for free. No problems here though, in order to sell your own produce on the market or purchase some new seeds, all you need to do is grab your bike and stop by in the friendly little town Green Valley, or take the bus to the neighbouring city of Hedgerow Ville. Buy new seeds and decorations to spice up your garden, or visit the market place to trade your produce with other players. But don’t forget the customers waiting right in front of your fence and let them spend their money on fresh grocery! Planting, trading, planning and decorating: Molehill Empire is a colourful economy simulation with a twist and a huge cuteness factor that will bring the summer feeling straight into your living room – even in the midst of winter.

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