Alpha Vertikan Empire 2

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Rise up to the Emperor of entire galaxies. Clubs omnipotence of a Starfleet under your command, to impose new systems and to secure the borders of your empire ... In Alpha Vertikan Empire Part Two are the signs of war. The online browser game only won who can excel through strength. Thus strength in spirit and in Dexterity is meant. A good strategy and tactics can compensate for such a lot of troops, no troops will not go. At Alpha Vertikan empire becomes more focused on a graphical processing of the content value. Gone are the days when you have taken only as a player on the digital paper logbook at any one galaxy. While you get the reports today served up yet, but at least there is now a respectable, pictorial display which indicates that which planets and stars to include your empire. Through the skillful development of buildings, troops and ships you can secure the continued expansion of your empire. The raw materials for this come from your mines. With the growth of your scope of power of internal dissension will be more violent. Soon you'll find yourself forced to see, not only externally but also internally to secure your borders. The rebellion is in Alpha Vertikan Empire 2 no size to be underestimated. Quickly have a hand full of rebels, subjected one of your planet.
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