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Become the ruler of the universe! A real-time browser game that offers you the opportunity to put a fleet on their feet with which you can accept the universe ... The world is not enough. The whole universe you can dominate. At least in the annexation vertical, a new space strategy game for serious gamers. Strategic thinking plays a major role in annexation vertical. Have you signed up once, you have many options available to build your empire. You should cultivate key resources that you need to expand your empire and for the construction of your fleet. First you build a base in vertical annexation, by the act out as you can. Then you need a yard, so that the ship production can begin. The following are Veridium and Niteriumgeneratoren. Commodities are ultimately needed to do anything at all. Niterium example, is for flying, shooting and repair needs. It would also be advisable to build two frigates light at the beginning, because after all, so that you can - with luck, keep - a few rebels in check. Rebels are in vertical annexation of enemy units in the universe. If there is a confrontation (read: fight), have your spaceships, if they are not completely destroyed, the debate back to the base, to be repaired. How exactly do you want to build your empire, you will find the best out of themselves. There are many different vertical annexation spaceships, stations, and research opportunities to be explored. If they succeed you, provide a powerful fleet on their feet, you can even conquer the universe soon.
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