Navy Field 2

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Navy Field 2 is a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Simulation (MMORTS) game that offers unique naval warfare experiences that has never been demonstrated before. From the success of the first sequel „Navy Field“, the game is upgraded with fully fledged Gamebryo Engine graphics and supports up to 456 ships controlled by 64 Players. The playable ships range from destroyers to submarines, as well as aircraft carriers, which could be fully customizable down to their crew and technical equipment. Depends on their tast on the ships, plyers can choose different types of Sonar, Torpedo Launcher or Guns that will be carried by the fleet. What‘s more, they can control the range of fire, the reload speed and even repair rate of their engines in the middle ocean battle. Massive Strategic Opportunities - Experience a large-scale of naval warfare playing with maximum 64 players, 32 vs. 32 PVP  


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