Tribal Wars

The European Middle Ages: Not only infamous as an era of pest and inquisition, but also the historical background for one of the most popular browser games in the world: Tribal Wars. At Tribal Wars, you start as the chieftain of a small village. Are you capable to establish it with strong fellows as a powerful tribe? Your subject´s fate completely lies in your hands! Which path will you choose? Attacking your neighbors aggressively or Safety First for your homeland? Confederate with other tribes and found mighty alliances to expand your empire. But take care: Your enemies don’t sleep but lurk to score you off. Because of an immense depth of game, Tribal Wars fascinates more than 37 million users around the world. A mass of strategies and tactics lead to a high complexity and strong long time motivation. New worlds and features keep this game interesting for newbies and old veterans in equal measure. Tribal Wars truly is easy to learn but hard to master.
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