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News  Star Wars: the Old Republic : #52Games Topic 10: #Supernatural

#52Games Topic 10: #Supernatural

  The 10. topic of the blog project 52games is "supernatural". In nearly every game you have powers that go far beyond the possible. So i choose a game i just play tested Star Wars: The old Republic. SWToR is a MMO in the Star Wars universe. At the beginning you choose the light (Galactic Republic) or dark side (Sith Empire). After that you can choose between 4 classes on every side. In the Galactic Republic you can choose between Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Trooper and Smuggler. In the Sith Empire it is Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter. At first i tested a Jedi  Knight. You start as a padawan who has to finish his training on Tython. But currently there are some attacks. So you get your first quests to kill some enemies or find missing padawans. Each quest is told in a video with speech. Soon you will get your first class quest. Each class has different quests which push the story forward. In the class quest you go into an instantiated area to fullfill it. In the talks you also have some choices. Some of these give you light or dark side points. Some things you can only use/do if you have the right attitude, but i have not seen much about it. I only had a 7 day trial, so after reaching level 15 i did not get experience anymore. Cause this is a bit boring i started a Sith Inquisitor.  The Sith Inquisitor throws lightning and makes a lot of fun. Maybe i should have choosen a Jedi Consular before? As Sith you have new areas to discover and now i mainly focused on the main quests, cause i wanted to test a special feature before reaching level 15, my spaceship.......

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