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The new round will start on the 1st of july. What is new in this Version? The 15 minutes ticks have been changed into a more dynamic system Storage is now only in the empire Multiple players start now in a system / Protection for new players NPC planets / asteroids Battles now are calculated at once Races New layout Messages Friends Nightbonus New premium features Others Tick System The problem with the old tick system was that it took to long to update every player, planet, asteroid, fight, ... Cause of that some actions needed to be blocked. To get rid of that block and give a more fluid gameplay we changed it. The time between resource updates is now adjustable via config. The current value can be found in the game settings. In the new round we will have 15 minutes between resource updates, just like before. The time it is triggered now depends on the registration time. Cause of this the updates are made at different points in time. Storage The resource management was simplified. The only storage for resources is now in the empire. Every income from a planet or asteroid is now directly transfered the empire. You can use it for every action directly. Systems Multiple players start now in the same system, to get more interactions at the start and form bounds between players. The jumppoint in these systems is closed at the beginning to protect new players. After researching "Jump Engine Technology" the jumppoint will be opened. NPC Planets / Asteroids In every system you can find now npc planets/asteroids. These can be conquered or plundered like every other planet/asteroid. Just be aware of there defence. Battle The battle is now executed in one step. After the fleet arrives there it will......

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GuanchenBob, Channel (
02.04.2413: The player [33] GuanchenBob joins the alliance [5] Freie Sternenvoelker
Channel (
02.04.2413: Alliance [5] Freie Sternenvoelker founded
GuanchenBob (
01.04.2413: [33] GuanchenBob joined the universe
Heizo (
12.08.2412: [32] Heizo joined the universe
Riker, Channel (
03.08.2412: The player [7] Riker joins the alliance [3] the dark side
sithlord (
12.07.2412: The player [6] sithlord attacks at [39] Unknown
sithlord (
30.06.2412: The player [6] sithlord attacks at [130] Unknown
sithlord (
29.06.2412: The player [6] sithlord attacks at [39] Unknown
sithlord (
25.06.2412: The player [6] sithlord attacks at [6] Unknown
xxandros (
22.06.2412: [30] xxandros joined the universe